Car Window Tinting

Absolute Style and Sound, Inc. is your local installer for vehicle window tinting Pasadena MD.

Absolute Style and Sound, Inc. professionally installs Viper Window Film which greatly improves the cosmetic appearance of your vehicle while reducing heat, glare and harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun’s rays protecting the interior of your vehicle while strengthening the vehicle glass. We also back up our work with a lifetime guarantee. We offer Standard, Carbon and Ceramic films.

viper film

Viper Window Films block nearly 100% of UV rays, reducing glare and protecting you and the interior of your vehicle, while adding a sophisticated look to your ride. Guaranteed for life from fading, shrinking, and peeling.

Here is a really informative video “Tips on Window Tinting” that explains what it is and how it works. Perhaps the DIY, do-it-yourself people can benefit from this in depth look at the installation process. Our primary reason is to give the consumer a look behind the scenes at the installation process, good reason why having a professional technician apply the tint film is probably a good idea… it isn’t easy.

Video was produced by the IDrive Network.

Come in and discuss how we can improve your driving experience. Your eyesight and your vehicles interior will benefit from having one of our professional installers apply window tinting to your car today.

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